It's never just a Horse.

Hi! I'm Jillian! I'm just an average person, nothing that exciting! I have three amazing horses. Sneakers, Jazzy and Snuggs. Look at their pages below :) And I love Taylor Swift and Pink Sparkly Things!

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Pats for the best boy &lt;3 

"Don’t think about the jump. The jump doesn’t matter. What matters is your approach. Your canter. Your trot.
The jump height is irrelevant. If your approach is shit, your jump will be shittier.
Ask for impulsion. Ask for self-carriage. If you can get those two things, the jump will come.
So don’t focus on the damn jump."

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At Last, Devon 2014.
Source: The Chronicle

Schooling horses


When I’m riding:

When my trainer gets on:

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Camelot Circuit Autumn Jubilee



tiffany foster
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love the smile&#160;!

I love how it notifies me every time someone reblogs this, but still hasn’t changed the name on the original post!

I really really like all of the pictures I got this day